You know the beat, they drum it into your head every time you meet a new customer. It starts out with “I have a problem.” Yikes! The answer must be “I have a solution.”

In college, I had an instructor who had a powerful way of thinking and acting toward students. She never offered solutions. She made them come up with their own. If you went to her with a problem, she’d start asking you questions, and she kept at it until you solved your own problem. I can’t tell you how beneficial her teaching style was to me. But I can show you.

When your customer begins to tell you their problem, make a mental note not to give away the solution. Begin by learning as much as you can about their problem by asking questions. With each question you ask, your customer will be more and more aware of the problem.

Once you have a clear understanding of the problem (you can actually take notes, it helps!), you can begin to ask questions about the solution. Ask if they’ve tried various things, hopefully these solutions are ones you have available in your business, or can have readily enough.

You’re rather obviously breathing life into the solution side of the issue. Your customer is learning more about the problem and finding the solution within the answers to your questions. The products required, or services available through your company will help them with the solution, and they know where to find them, because you’ve asked them and they’ve answered (with a little nudging, perhaps).

The customer satisfaction dance strategy works very well in the marketing industry. Create your own marketing success strategy to dance around the customer’s problem using helps from Brand Your Market.