Is your internet marketing promotion strategy bringing you concrete results you always wanted? If your online marketing activity is going nowhere then you’ll want to read this article. This article will discuss specifically on driving free targeted traffic through search engine optimization (SEO). The core points of SEO boils down to three points, finding the right keyword, getting the right links and creating the right content. After reading this article, you’ll be able to attract more free targeted traffic and get the desired results for your online business.

The Right Keyword

When building a website, it’s important to brainstorm which keywords you want to target. The purpose is that you’ll want to rank in the search engine for certain keyword which gets enough search, brings targeted traffic (not just some browsing keyword) and low to medium competition in the search engine.

The Right Links

In the real world, the popularity of a person is determined by who (quality) and how many people (quantity) knows him/her. The same also goes for the internet. The search engine determines the popularity of a website for a certain keyword by who (quality) and how many (quality) links (are pointing) to the website. In the real world. the quality of the person is determined by their authority which is usually educational qualification, ranks, etc. While in the online world, the authority is measured by Page Rank.

The Right Content

You’ve probably heard of the term “Quality Content Is King” before. What exactly does it mean? Search engine determines quality content rather differently. First of all, the search engine checks whether the content is original or duplicated. Duplicated content is usually harder (not entirely impossible) to rank in the search engine. Secondly, the search engine checks whether content should rank for a keyword by determining the relevance of the content, usually by checking the content for related terms for the keyword. For example, a certain content could rank for dog training if it contains related phrases such as potty training, dog obedience school etc.

Driving free targeted traffic with internet marketing promotion strategy is really not that hard, once you know how. Online marketing using SEO basically consists of finding the right keyword, getting the right links and writing the right content. Now that you know how to do it the right way, go and use these advice and bring more profit to your online business!